Thursday, October 05, 2006

you fill up my senses ...

From a nature/outdoor point of view:

What is your favorite aspect of early morning?

What is your favorite aspect of evening?

What is your favorite aspect of Spring?

What is your favorite aspect of the beach?

What is your favorite aspect of Autumn?

What is your favorite aspect of being outdoors?


At 11:57 PM , Anonymous Goey said...

Morning: sounds of birds one by one chirping to become many

Evening: sun setting to shine upon the moon

Spring: gray becoming green...the rain is not so bad either

Beach: standing at the waters edge with no land in view

Autumn: staring at the stars on a clear cool night

Outy: seeing or feeling someting new everytime without fail

At 1:48 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

1. waking with the sun instead of the alarm clock. It's so much more natural (unfortunately, this doesn't work in winter!).
2. The incredible colours that streak *snicker* through the sky as night falls.
3. New life, new growth, new beginnings
4. Standing on the shoreline, with the feel of the sand under your feet being pulled away as the tide rolls out. When I was too young to understand tidal pull, I thought it was something magical.
5. The colours, the crisp fresh air, the starkness of the landscape as the greenery disappears.
6. The ability to breathe deeply and feel life flow through you.. to find a silent place and listen to the still small voice of your soul.

At 7:50 AM , Anonymous Bismuth said...

Morning: the coolness of the air

Evening: the various lighting conditions as the sun sets, especially the 15 minutes or so right after sunset.

Spring: Trees in bloom

Autumn: Crisp, sunny, windy days

Beach: Being in that thin boundary between land and water

Outdoors: seeing everywhere God's presence

At 8:11 AM , Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Early morning: sunrise

evening: sunset (duh!)

Spring: new buds on the trees and - basicallly - the return of color.

beach: when it's quiet and empty and cool in the evening and you can stand at the water's edge alone.

Autumn: cool, crisp, breezy but sunny days

being outdoors: see autumn; also the smell of fresh-cut grass in summer

At 10:49 AM , Blogger Higgy said...

Early morning - the quiet that surrounds everything.

Evening - sunsets.

Spring - seeing the flowers bloom.

Beach - besides bikinis? I guess jumping in the waves.

Autumn - the return of the chill - I know that sounds strange, but living in CA and I get sick of the heat.

Outdoors - I'm more of an indoors person - although I do enjoy hanging out in my backyard. I'd probably say the smell of fresh-cut grass.

At 11:39 AM , Anonymous Dan said...

1) the crisp clean taste of the air. or the silence.

2) watching the colors change outside.

3) that warm weather is on its way.

4) the sounds and rhythms of the waves.

5) the beauty of the changing colors.

6) the peace that it makes me feel. it is devoid of phone calls, traffic, deadlines, work related issues, crying babies, nagging mothers, and unnecesary bullshit.

At 12:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Sleeping. Or shooting at people outside of strip clubs.

2. Enjoying a really good Belgian ale on the terrace, listening to the woods go to bed.

3. The end of winter. Also, listening to the woods wake up.

4. Kids having more fun than possible in the waves and building sand structures.

5. The colors, the push to get every bit of joy out of the weather before winter sets in.

6. The sun. The smell of colitas, rising up in the air.

Also, I was sad this morning to learn that, even if I was single, as a lying, cheating, emotionally remote, gold chain wearing, bad kisser in bed who is meanly stupid, Punky would hate me, even though I can be funny when my roids aren't acting up.


At 1:20 PM , Anonymous kingw said...

Early morning, the sound, quiet and the birds

I just get a feeling of things getting ready to rest

The feeling of things getting ready to burst with life. Very exciting.

By beach I am assuming ocean. The waves, over and over and over I get lost in the rhythm.

I like the new crispness to the air and the sense of getting to relax after the activity of spring and summer

Not being indoors, no boudries I guess

At 2:55 PM , Blogger punky said...

punky said...
cbol ... for you I'd make an exception. Heck, you could love mustard, enjoy singing Celine Dion at the top of your lungs and cross dress and I'd still date you. You're cbol, for the love of all that is Repulican. Who wouldn't date you?

At 3:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, I'd give up cross dressing for ya, Punky!


At 10:00 AM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Hmm. I think I'd prefer to have cbol as a f$#%$k buddy rather than a date, but that's just a personal preference.

At 10:06 AM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

1. Early morning: Dew and early morning fog. I like the mositure.

2. Evening: Moonrise.

3. Spring: Daffodils.

4. Beach? The way boardwalks, sanddunes and sea grasses sometimes converge to look like an Edward Hopper painting.

5. Autumn? Changing leaves. Or, going to New York ad walking through Central Park. Nature set against the backdrop of urban highrises. To quote Vincent, it gets me off.

6. Outdoors? Birdies chirping.

At 10:08 AM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Speaking of New York in November, I have a freind's time share on November 4th and 5th. It would be real cool if a certain cutie from Connecticut wanted to come into the city and hang out on a Sunday afternoon. Take in a museum. A little nosh somewhere.

At 11:15 AM , Blogger punky said...

I found a little cutie on the street here in Connecticut, and she said she thinks NYC in the fall with the ever witty Boo on a crisp Sunday afternoon might be quite fun. She will consult her magic 8 ball and get back to you.

At 12:41 PM , Anonymous insomniac said...

6. there's an outdoors?

At 8:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you find a cutie on the street in Connecticut when you're in Fiji?

Unless you've learned to bi-locate. That would be a fun "wonder-twin" power to have - you know how she's always becoming a fierce animal and he's becoming "uncomfortable humidity"? What if you could bi-locate, but it only worked in odd pairings, or completely lame places?

I'm now in both Gary, Indiana, and Jackson's Groin, Arkansas!


At 8:59 AM , Blogger Leetie said...

*snork* @ Boo's f$#%$k buddy.

The only thing that fills my brain when I come here is Annie's Song.

You fill up my senses
like a night in the forest
like the mountains in springtime,
like a walk in the rain
like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean
you fill up my senses,
come fill me again.

Everybody SING with me!!

Come let me love you,
let me give my life to you
let me drown in your laughter,
let me die in your arms
let me lay down beside you,
let me always be with you
come let me love you,
come love me again.

At 9:36 AM , Blogger punky said...

ah ha ... my evil plan worked ... 'tis John Denver I was thinking of when I wrote the line ... I was hoping for a good ear worm effect. :) Point scored!

Cbol ... I have connections EVERYWHERE. Plus, I have super powers. I can see in my head what is happening in other locations. And dude, you should not have worn that tie with that shirt. But your boxers are cute. I won't even tell you what I saw Boo doing this morning ... and Leetie, next time you have delicious paakes, you need to share!

Happy columbus day ... today is a day when we should honor and celebrate a good man ... a man whose actions launched an era of modern colonialism, rape, pillage, genocide, cultural destruction, slavery, economic & environmental devastation.


Now, how 'bout Christobol Day! Now that would be a cause for celebration.

At 12:42 PM , Blogger Higgy said...

I'm all about celebrating Christobol Day - but where are we going to get enough naked drunken monkeys and giant pink kazoos at this late hour?

We'll have to stock up and celebrate next year instead...

At 12:49 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

but punky, i was thinking only about you when i was doing it.

At 3:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thinking higgy. You don't want to EVER go into a celebration short on drunk monkeys and giant pink kazoos!

Also, I'm pleased to have moved up to theoretically potential f*&)k buddy from "f(*&k you buddy!"


At 8:21 PM , Anonymous Eleanor said...

I'm a huge John Denver fan (RIP), and that's what I thought of too.

Thanks for the earwig, Leets. :)

At 8:22 PM , Anonymous Eleanor said...

BTW, on YouTube there's a video of Denver performing Annie's song.

At 6:35 AM , Anonymous maille said...

the air - most definately. how there is dew on the ground - but the air is just like someone took a ziplocked bag and opened it and WHAM there is some good clean strong fresh air.

the colors - watching the sun go down and as it does - the colors in the air change. brilliant photo ops!


the waves - how peaceful and memorizing it is.

the leaves - the brilliance of the leaves as they change colors. how vibrant they are with each passing day - till a big gust of wind comes around and blows them all to the ground...but then you get a big leave pile and jump in it!

the sounds - lawnmowers on summer days (without the annoying leaf blowers), the trees blowing in the wind, the birds chirping - just nature - not all the technology crap!

At 5:01 PM , Blogger Jen said...

~ Listening to the birds
~ Watching the Sunset!!!
~ Blooming flowers and crisp air
~ walking along the beach with the ocean on my feet
~ I love the colors. You can never have enough breezy colorful leaves around you while you are out picking a pumpkin
~ I love the sun on me while I'm laying outside on a blanket quietly relaxing. There's nothing better than the relaxation of nature itself!


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