Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ooh, she's a little runaway

Did you ever run away from home when you were a child? If so, for how long? Did you pack anything? How were you found? Or did you come back when you got hungry? How did your parents respond?

Did you ever own a hamster, gerbil, turtle or goldfish? If so, what were their names? And how long did it take you to kill it? Did you flush it or bury it?

Did you ever try putting a spell on anyone when you were a child? Or did you use a ouija board? Or play "stiff as a feather, light as a board"? Any spooky experiences to share with the class?


At 10:20 AM , Blogger Higgy said...

I did run away from home once, in Malaysia, when my brother was watching us (me and my sister.) They were picking on me pretty badly, and I'd had enough. I wrote mum and dad a note telling them how mean they were to me, and that I was running away. I only walked around the block, and by the time I made it 100 yards, my brother was after me, begging and pleading me, almost in tears, to come home. Dad would have whomped on him pretty badly! Didn't pack anything and came back after he promised to treat me better. In all fairness, he really did!

We had fish, especially one named "One-Eye" - since he only had one eye! He lasted a good few years. My sister had a hamster named "12" because she'd read that if you dropped them from 12 inches, they'd die. He didn't last very long at all.

No spooky experiences to note - sorry. Tried to curse a few people, and of course made a few wishes - but nothing ever happened!

At 10:36 AM , Blogger Trillian DBB said...

Never ran away from home.

I went through a number of goldfish when I was 4. I don't remember their names. The all committed suicide by jumping out of their bowl.

Never tried to put a spell on anyone or anything like that.

At 12:09 PM , Anonymous El said...

I ran away once. I think I was about 7, but I only got to the corner and had to go home because I wasn't allowed to cross the street. :(

At 7:38 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

I don't think I ever deliberately ran away. But I did play in the woods around the creek down at the end of the street. Sometimes, it felt like I was miles from home (probably never any further than 100 to 200 yards as the crow flies).

Had them all. Not counting various dogs, cats and exotic birds, I had hamsters, goldfish, a guniea pig and a crawfish named Reggie at various times. Two hamsters. One died a natural death. The other ate some of the blanket nesting material and I think it got stuck in its intestine. Dad had to put it out of its misery. I believe he squashed it with a big shovel. (Note, I had two because the first one escaped its box in the car on the way home. He showed up again after my parents bought number two). One was Snowball (albino, red eyes). Don't remember the second one's name. Lived about 2 years, which is about the life expectancy of a hamster anyway.

Lots of fish (godfish, tropical, etc.) at various times. At one point I had "Johann," "Sebastien," "Bach," "Wolfgang," "Amadeus" . . . can you see where this is going? Also, at various times would throw other random creatures in the tank, like crabs, newts and frogs. And when we didn't have fish on the tank, we had hermit crabs, some of the most affectionate, loving pets available.

Finally had a guniea pig named "Wurrble." He shat everywhere. Lasted about three years.

Yes. Had a few spell books at one point during my Goth period (approximately October 14, 1987 to November 11, 1987. The Ouija board scares me. Not so spooky, but once in law school me and a few classmates were playing around with one. I think we'd bought it as a cheese tray for Halloween the year before. Well, one of my classmate's girlfriend was really into it. She was a bit freaked and really believed. Later everyone went home. But my roommate and I were bored so . . . and hour or so later, we drove to the classmate's apartment. Knew the girlfriend was there. I stood in the rain for a bit (nice effect) then went to the door and pounded. Pretended to have run all the way from my apartment because is was being haunted. Had her and my classmate going for a bit.

At 11:01 AM , Anonymous mrfisher said...

i once got so mad I wrote "I AM RUNNING AWAY ! " on my chalkboard in very large angry 5 year old letters, and even went so far as to take a handherchief and place in it very important items, like a hot wheels car, a few marbles, tennis ball, and a blue crayon. I folded it up nicely and fixed it around a long stick I found in the yard. Just like I'd seen on cartoons! (except I didn't have a red bandana) I told my mother I was running away, but first, could she fix me a sandwich? she did and I never made it out the door. that time.
that one was cute, this one is not.
when i was in the second grade my parents divorced, things changed. attitudes changed. practically overnight there was alot of anger in that household. Mine turned into cynical wiseassness, and my mouth met alot of my mothers angry hand. I ran away alot. running or riding as fast and as far as I could, then I'd wait awhile and make my way back to the house through the neighbors backyard, only to sneak over to the fence where it attached to a carport and climb my way up and onto the roof. I used to lie there crying for hours alternating between wishing on a star and watching through the window as my mother would cry as she did the dishes or sat at the table or stared out worrying. When my stubborness wore off, I'd go in and we'd tell each other we were sorry.
i have more, but that will suffice.
Hamster - Petey, a few months, got loose several times, found him all but one. (Actually we found him the last time too, behind the fridge not exactly breathing.)
no gerbil
several turtles, no name, but I painted one's shell once. I'd always "release" them back into the wild though. not sure now if that counts as a pet.
fish yes, gold no, not long before the great escape out of the bowl and onto the floor. silly fish.
loved spells. i'm probably still paying karma for some of the naughty things i mumbled. ouija'd out in an old indian cememtery even, and then we played "stiff as a board, light on your back" spooky is how often that always worked. ;)
side note: this has been one long f$&@#^n post.

At 11:21 AM , Blogger Sarah O. said...

I ran away from home when I was 17. I considered it an unannounced independent vacation because I planned to come home after a week or so. I gathered up my summer earnings in mid August and flew to New York City. I called my mom as soon as I landed. I stayed a week and called home every day to let Mom know I was okay and when I'd fly home. Mom was pretty freaked out. She treated me with a lot more respect when I came home. It goes against all the rules but it actually helped straighten out a very messed up home situation.

I had lots of turtles and goldfish as a child. I took really, really good care of them. One fish was very sick when I bought it and it died two hours after I brought it home. Others lived for years. I had a little graveyard in the yard. I tended it carefully. I really loved my fish and turtles.

None of the spells I tried to put on people ever worked, darn it.

At 12:31 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

Never ran away.. like some others, played in lots of "hidey" places where you could be "lost" for hours

None of the above, but I did have a guinea pig. My sister and I got one each for Christmas, when we were about 5 or 6. Hers was Susie, mine was Goldie. Turns out Susie was more of a Steve, and had the bad luck to be a midnight snack for the neighbour's German Shepherd after knocking Goldie up. Being a huge Dr Seuss fan, I named the fatherless babies Fox, Sox, Knox, (and about 3 or 4 other -oxes), then a few weeks later, the Shepherd came back for a second course. Several months later, he also dined on one of our kittens. Sad thing is that the Shepherd was really badly treated by its owners, and it scavenged because it wasn't fed too often. Then the owners moved away and just left it there. (Don't let me start a rant)

Never tried spells or ouija boards. I'm not "mystical" enough, I guess

At 7:56 PM , Anonymous maille said...

never ran away from home - was too afraid of the punishment i would get if i did run away. would spend hours hiding though - but always came back for a nice homecooked "mummy" dinner.

hamster and gerbil - HELL no
turtle - no but almost ran over one the other day (i stopped in time - hey it could have been someone's pet!)
goldfish - yes i don't remember their names - but my sister and i got them when were on vacation in rhode island and they died - we had a funeral for them and buried them under the cottage that we were renting! hahah! and my best friend's brother, mohal, called me "fishkiller" when i met him cause i kept killing fish! HAHA!

i pretended to - but it never worked - damn it all! i definately have never played ouiji or stiff as a feather.

there is a cemetary in connecticut - i want to say berlin or something - the green lady cemetary - the lady died either by drowning from her husband or she killed herself. well you are supposed to cut your nails and close your car windows if you go to this place. i left my windows open and she took over my body! quite freaky now thinking about - but at the time i wasn't that scared - just wierded out that i was crying yet i had a smile on my face!


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