Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rock 'N' Roll Hoochie Coo

What song title best sums up your life?

Which hour of the day is your favorite?

Name the best chocolate bar ever made?

And the worst?

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100 ... what is it?


At 5:07 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

ooh... that's deep and meaningful for 11pm..

1. Let me get back to you on that one..
2. Whatever time it is when I drink my first coffee of the day.
3. I sense a war starting over the answer to this one, but Whittaker's Peanut Slab
4. Any chocolate from Richfield's. Bleh, fatty, horrible, leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Also any of that white candy masquerading as chocolate. Cocoa mass = chocolate. No cocoa, no chocolate. End of story.
5. 17

At 8:35 AM , Blogger Leetie said...

1. Is there a song called "Just let me be lazy?" No? Ok then "Leave me Alone."

2. 9 am when I get to be alone.

3. Hershey's

4. 37

At 9:12 AM , Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

7, obviously

At 9:27 AM , Blogger punky said...

Kaf guessed my number. Damn, that was quick.

OK ... I'm thinking of a new number now.

At 11:23 AM , Blogger Higgy said...

My life can't be summed up in a song title. Also, I don't pay enough attention to KNOW song titles!

Usually 3pm - thats when I quit working and go play with my son.

Best - The Mars bar - not the crappy US one, but the excellent UK one. Much like the US Milky Way.

Worst - sorry, Leets - I can't eat Hershey bars.

The new number is 42.

At 12:33 PM , Anonymous Dan said...

1) depends on my mood. what a surprise! but according to colin, my theme song is "i drink alone" by george thorogood.

2) 7pm.

3) pfff, screw chocolate. ill take a burrito.

4) 44.

At 6:39 PM , Anonymous Bismuth said...

1) none
2) 10 PM
3) Dark
4) Hershey's -- tastes mildly of grape to me
5) 67

At 7:48 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

1) song title: I Want to Be Sedated? (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman? A Big Hunk O' Love? A Pirate Looks at Forty? Ain't Too Proud to Beg? Bat Out of Hell? There are so many that come so close. But I'm going to go with Believe. Yes, a Cher song, deal with it.

2) favorite hour? Ten, either a.m. or p.m. It's a good time to get up, it's also a good time to go out for the evening.

3)(a) best chocolate bar ever made? Snickers, especially when you have time to enjoy it and really get the full effect of all the parts. But strictly chocolate bar, Trader Joe's markets some pretty good organic and dark milk chocolate bars.

3)(b) worst? I had a bad one recently, but don't remember exactly what it was. I think it was organic, hippy chocolate.

4) Okay, I'l say it. "69."

At 7:49 PM , Anonymous maille said...

i don't know - there are a few....

3:00 - not to late - not to early - just right and have time to watch the sunset.

new york peppermint patty count?

i don't know that there is such a thing as a bad candy bar - unless it has carmel, nuts, or other foreign disgusting objects in it.


At 9:26 AM , Blogger MrFisher said...

Who are you?

sunset time


anything with coconut


At 12:06 PM , Blogger Leetie said...

I just figured "chocolate bar" meant chocolate bar. Like 100% chocolate.

At 8:01 PM , Anonymous El said...

Baby Girl

9am with coffee and a croissant

Dove dark chocolate



At 8:39 PM , Anonymous kingw said...

Growin Older but not up, I know it isn't the title Jeff, but it sums me up.

Whatever hour it is that the sun is coming up. A good time to be alone.

Snickers is the best

Mounds or Almond Joy the worst (Hate coconut)


At 9:19 PM , Blogger punky said...

62 wasn't my number ... but it was the number of my house when I was growing up. I can't believe how many of you don't like coconut. I loves me some mounds bar. And my favorite used to be MARS bar, same as Higgy. I think the crappy US one though. Delish.

At 11:51 AM , Anonymous Eleanor said...

Is it too late to change my song? Because what I meant (!) was
Uptown Girl.

And I love Mounds Bars too, punky!


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