Monday, October 09, 2006

one bourbon, one scotch, one CD

What is your drink of choice?

How many drinks until you are drunk?

Best drinking game ever invented?

Favorite drink for a night alone?

Last CD you purchased (not downloaded)?


At 12:00 AM , Blogger bbescuela said...

1. Probably a Maker's Mark Manhattan

2. Dunno, haven't been drunk in years. I'll say five or six.

3. Beer ball!

4. Bourbon neat

5. I think it was a Johnny Cash anthology.

At 12:06 AM , Anonymous neophyte said...

1. Margarita
2. 2, which doesn't seem fair.
3. I guess I never played a drinking game, because of answer #2.
4. Wine.
5. Norah Jones Feels Like Home (as a gift)

At 12:54 AM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

1. It depends on the occasion. Probably a full-bodied red wine.

2. 1.5 glasses.

3. I don't recall enjoying any of them. I'm more interested in casual drinking than organized drinking.

4. A nice, full-bodied red wine.

5. Senses Working Overtime (New Wave compilation CD)

Extra for those of you who don't read my blog (and it's okay if you don't), as of Friday night, I'm an auntie!!!

At 6:31 AM , Anonymous maille said...

drink of choice: wine most likely - on occasion stoli rasberry with cran

how many drinks: to get a good buzz - 2 - to feel drunk 3. i know i'm a lightweight. oh well.

drinking game: i don't drink that much - but the fun one that i played with dan, shaughn and suzanne was asshole.

drinking alone: wine.

cd bought: kenny chesney "Live" and evanescence "the open door"

At 6:54 AM , Blogger Trillian DBB said...

I don't drink very often, but I like a glass of red wine or a guinness now and again.

never been drunk

never played drinking games.

red wine

Tool - 10,000 days. got it the day it came out.

At 7:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belgian Ale

By then I've lost count, but it's probably around five.

Quarters (nekked)

Franzia spritzer with a feather boa and, wait, am I typing out loud? I mean, see #1.

Probably Johnny Cash. Or else it was Anka's "Pop Swings". I like the convenience of download these days.

*Aside: Ya ever notice that you can say something like "quarters nekked" and it sounds like a good time, then ya think about the times you've actually played quarters, and the people who were there, and the idea of them playing nekked just doesn't work out to "good time"? Me neither.


At 8:38 AM , Blogger Leetie said...

1. Margarita on the rocks. Tequila, lime, and sugar.

2. Two, the way I mix them. ;)

3. Mexican

4. Red Red wine

5. Ambulance LTD
and Sondre Lerche - Faces Down

(two of the few I've liked so much after downloading that I actually wanted to buy them)

At 12:00 PM , Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

I'm easy, but usually vodka tonic.

Haven't been drunk in some time, despite provocation, so definitely more than 5-6.

Last CD? New Los Lonely Boys perhaps. But the new Jimmy Buffett is released today, so that will be next.

At 2:39 PM , Blogger Higgy said...

Drink of choice - beer. Preferably Brains Bitter from Wales. If I can't have that, then usually any brown/amber ale will do.

I'm a pretty big guy, so it used to take 6-8 beers to get me tipsy. However, since I stopped drinking so much, it's down to 4-6.

Best drinking game - Dirty Thumper. Regular Thumper is where everyone has a sign - then you start off by doing your own sign, then someone else's sign. The next person then has to do their sign, then someone else's sign - and so on and so forth, until someone screws up and has to drink. Dirty Thumper requires everyone to have a lewd sign!

Favorite drink for a night alone? Is there such a thing? I hate drinking alone, so it would be non-alcoholic. Probably water or diet soda.

Ringside - by Ringside. A great album.

At 2:51 PM , Anonymous Dan said...

i think this is the most excited ive been to answer the blog..strange...

1) scotch or whiskey
2) 3-4 beers, or a few scotchs
3) beirut or asshole
4) beer or a nice scotch on the rocks
5) Atreyu - Deathgrip on Yesterday....what does this question have to do with alcohol?

At 3:09 PM , Blogger punky said...

Higgy! Thumper is a great game. And Ringside is also great. I find I get "tired of being sorry" stuck in my head for days at a time.

Maybe you were right
Maybe I was lonely
I don't wanna fight
I'm tired of being sorry

And Dan ... you know how my brain works ... no segue required.

At 4:08 PM , Anonymous El said...

1. These days JD, used to be Absolut Citron

2. 2, same as neo:(

3. can't say

4. don't drink alone

5. Bon Jovi, Have A Nice Day.

At 6:39 PM , Anonymous kingw said...

Beer, but good beer. Moose Drool is current favorite

I don't really keep track. I don't drive after three, in a couple of hours.

We used to play 99 as a drinking game, Uno is the commercial version. Loser had to take a good swig.(beer) It was not all about drinking, It was about playing with friends

If I am feeling lonely wine, otherwise a beer or two will do nicely

Maroon Five was last, Jimmy Buffett will be next.

At 7:28 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

A good vodka tonic, twist of lime (runner up, Harp)

Hmm, if I've eaten, 3 - 4 will get me a decent buzz. To get drunk, another 3 - 4.

My Limited Edition Collector's Addition of Showgirls came with a fun drinking game: one shot whenever Gina Gershon says "darling." Or each time there's a breat flashed.

A chilled reisling.

Cyndi Lauper, "The Body Acoustic" and Joni Mitchell "Hits."

At 9:59 PM , Anonymous Joey said...

1) mean Guinness

2) Really depends on the night/situation or if shots are invovled

3) FUNNELS...nuff said

4) WINE...

5) Faithless (The Greatest Hits)...seriously...I can explain

At 4:18 PM , Anonymous Bismuth said...

1) A good microbrew or gin/tonic
2) 3 usually precludes me from driving home, and I don't normally go beyond that
3) The only one that remotely appeals to me is the State-of-the-Union game
4) see #1
5) I've gotten a bunch of used albums off of recently. However, I will be purchasing the new Badly Drawn Boy album next Tuesday.

At 2:24 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

1. A nice wine (any colour) or almost anything vodka-based
2. Umm.. I've only ever been drunk once.. and I was 17 or so at the time.. it took about 7 or 8 beers. I don't drink beer any more, and I don't have more than 2 or 3 drinks over the course of an evening.
3. EVER? That will take some research. I used to play poker for shots instead of money.. that was fun.
4. Occasionally, a wine with dinner. I rarely drink alone, however. My father was kind of insistent about that, and the habit just kept up.
5. Ultimate. The Prince greatest hits CD. Most excellent..


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