Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Climbing up on Solsbury Hill

1. Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been?

2. Where is the most beautiful place you are looking forward to seeing?

3. Are you in your dream job?

4. If you had to pick an actor to narrate (in your head) your life as you are living it, which actor would you pick?

5. If you had to pick an actor to portray you in a movie, which actor would you pick?


At 8:48 AM , Anonymous a young mark said...

1) Monument Valley
2) Arches National Park or Yellowstone
3) no, and who is, seriously?
4) someone like lewis black or ed norton.
5) AHHnold (c'mon), or someone like mark wahlberg.

At 9:09 AM , Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

1. Paris
2. Great Barrier Reef
3. yes, no job at all
4. President Allstate (Dennis Haysbert; but Lewis Black is an excellent choice too)
5. Well, some people see a resemblance to the guy who played Toby in West Wing, but I'll go with George Clooney...or Bill Murray.

At 9:10 AM , Anonymous insomniac said...

thanks for the earworm, punky! :)

At 10:00 AM , Blogger Higgy said...

1. Niagara Falls in deep winter, but with the sun peeking through the clouds. Was like a dreamscape - all the trees covered in a sheath of ice, perfect untouched snow, the roar of the water somehow muffled...

2. The Grand Canyon - someday when we tour the Southwest.

3. Not really - although I am in a pretty sweet gig.

4. I don't think of actors narrating my life - I think of me doing it.

5. That fat bloke that just won the award for Capote. Long complicated name. Oh jeez, I guess I'll go look it up...
Philip Semour Hoffman - either that or Drew Carey!

At 1:20 PM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

1. So many choices. Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC is gorgeous. Then again, all of Victoria is gorgeous. So is Blenheim Palace outside of London, the area just north of Cabo San Lucas, and Otter Rock, Oregon when the whales are feeding.

2. Paris. Someday...

3. No, but I'm working on getting there. I've just been picked up by the actual Theatre Department, so maybe soon.

4. Me.

5. Me again!

At 1:22 PM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

The Grammar Police just issued me a warning. Pleas change "is" to "are." I plead exhaustion.

At 8:10 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Ooh, Punky, good ones.

1. Most beautiful: Along the Potomac River Mt. Vernon Trail, at night, with a full moon rising above the National Mall.

2. Looking forward to seeing: Machu Picchu.

3. Dream job: For a reality based job, the one I have now is pretty good. But my dream job would be as the jet-setting, socialite head of my families multi-billion dollar charitable trust. I've got some great ideas for parties and fund raisers.

4. Actor to narrate: Sam Waterson or mayb Jerry Orbach (but he's dead).

5. Actor to portray: Hugh Grant.

At 10:00 AM , Blogger Higgy said...

Hugh Grant?

*looks at old photos of Boo from the Blog B Q*


At 7:59 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Hey, Jeff got to choose George Clooney.

At 12:59 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

This is our fantasy life.. we get to choose exactly who we want, reality be damned.

1. This is a tough one. There's some nights, just walking round the river near the house I grew up in, breathing in the fresh air, felt like the most perfect place in the universe. There's some lovely forest walking tracks all around the South Island where you can feel like you're the only person in the world. So I guess it doesn't matter exactly where I am, that's the environment that I want to be in.
2. New Orleans
3. Absolutely. I just wish it paid better, but that's beside the point.
4. Lauren Bacall
5. Ditto.. she's just so sexy. A girl can dream, can't she?

At 11:08 AM , Blogger Leetie said...

Boo, I think MachuPicchu is where we're going. Someday.

1. The top of Sundance ski resort on a sunny day. Spectacular. Maui is beautiful too, but being at the top of a mountain covered with snow, the sun shining, quiet... just does something for me.

2. I'm with Boo on this one.

3. No.

4. Willem DaFoe

5. Ally Sheedy. I think she looks alot like me here.

At 10:16 PM , Anonymous maille said...

i would say jeramiah, arizona - i think that is the name of it - or maybe it was jerome. i forget. cute little town - just felt right - and great scenary.

overseas - italy, ireland, sweden, german, the ISLANDS - god i can't wait!!! one day!

definately not at all in my dream job - i want to be a stay at home mommy and a housewife to whomever the lucky guy is that i marry - that is my dream job! no joke!

i'm quite sure of whom i would have narrate or whom i would have portray me.


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