Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rain down on me

How do you prefer to spend a rainy day?

If you could have a pocket-sized version of any animal, what would it be?

What is the most inconsiderate/insensitive thing anyone has ever said to you? Are you happy with how you responded? If you could change your response, what would you say?

Garfield or Odie?


At 9:34 AM , Blogger Tamara said...

How do you prefer to spend a rainy day? With my lovah. Probably doing crossword puzzles or something. *snicker*

If you could have a pocket-sized animal, what would it be? Chinchilla was the first thing that came to mind, but actually I think I'd like a miniaturized human. Oh, wait, are we talking about animals that are already pocket-sized? Ummm... Lizard!

What is the most inconsiderate/insensitive thing anyone has ever said to you? Are you happy with how you responded? If you could change your response, what would you say? Wow, I don't know--and pretty sure I don't want to remember!

Garfield or Odie? Garfield! Odie's kinda cute, though.

At 11:26 AM , Blogger Higgy said...

Rainy days - While I'd LIKE to spend it laying on the couch playing computer games, reality prevents me from doing so. Sleeping late on rainy mornings is a great feeling, however.

I'd like a pocket sized grizzly bear.

The most inconsiderate thing anyone ever said to me was a slam against Brits in an email about oil prices. Totally ignorant of fact and utterly jingoistic. I responded hotly and then resigned from the organization. I would respond even HOTTER, with a link to showing her how full of crap she was and still would have resigned. Bigots bother me.

Garfield - I love lasagna and have little sympathy for the clueless.

At 11:35 AM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

If it's a summer rainy day, wandering around in it or weeding the garden can be nice. If it's cold and wintry out, I prefer being indoors, thinking about how nice it is to be indoors.

One notable exception was when I was in college and during the winter break drove with my parents to the beach. It was cold, and raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock, and I insisted on getting out in it and "communing with nature." I came out of that communion with a nasty cold and a ruined leather jacket.

Pocket tiger. (Oh. Wait. I more or less have four of those now.) As long as it would grow to life-size for snuggly naps.

Most insensitive comment:
"If I could have found someone else to play the role I would have cast them."
And I'm supposed to be pleased by this statement? The pisser is that he said variations on that particular theme three shows in a row. (It took me a while to figure out that he was a jerkface.)

Neither. Get Fuzzy

At 12:04 PM , Anonymous kingw said...

That is a fairly meaningless question for someone living in seattle.

Pocket size T Rex would be cool. Not going to put it in my pocket though.

I ran Cross Country in High School. Slow and steady that was me. We were in home room and some guy made a comment about that guy who always comes in last. He did not realise I was there. It was still thoughtless, he looked at me and I did not say anything, he looked embarassed enough for both of us. I wish I had said something about how at least I was participating and that that was the real point, or something that would have made each of us feel a little better about it.

Odie Garfield is mean

At 12:35 PM , Blogger punky said...

Rain: In bed, watching movies or sleeping.

Pocket-sized: Panda Bear! Or maybe an elephant.

Hurtful: The most recent occurrence was about 9 months ago. Someone I deeply cared for referred to my continued presence in their life and my unconditional love for them as being equivalent to sap -- as in, persistently sticking around and hard to get rid of. I think the person was trying to be funny, but the comment broke my heart. Coincidentally, it was the last time I saw that person. As for how I responded, I don't think I had an appropriate verbal response - I was too hurt. I suppose deciding to no longer be a part of that person’s life was the best response I could give.

Garfield. He's lazy, like I am. :)

At 1:48 PM , Blogger Mad Scientist said...

Curled in bed reading with the cats


Well not the most incosiderate ever, but yesterday I got back one of the wedding invitations I had sent out. I apparently had the address wrong. The postman or person at the address it went to wrote all over the envelope and on the back wrote "Return to Mrs. love struck" I don't know why that infuriated me, but it really did. And now I can't send the invite even if I get the correct address because it is destroyed. No way to respond to that one.

The thing that has happened a few times that upsets me is in a public place some stranger will ask when my baby is due or some other such comment assuming that I am pregnant when of course I am not. This upsets me a lot. It doesn't happen as much anymore, but really why should any stranger ask that of someone?

I use to like Garfield, but then he made 2 movies. I'm going to go with Hecliff or Marmaduke

At 9:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rainy Day - Cleaning sewage off of rats.

Pocket Size Animal - Poo-rats.

Inconsiderate - "If I wanted to hear from a big, dumb, stupid idiot dummy head I would have asked you." But I replied, "Well you did." So I'm pretty happy with that.

Garfield / Odie - Both! We are talking about slow roasting, right?


At 9:29 PM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

1. Presuming a cold, rainy day..indoors, unless I'm with small children. Then you dress up warm, add umbrellas and gumboots/galoshes and go jump in puddles. But definitely indoors.

2. A wolfie.

3. Several years ago, after the death of my Nana, there was a lot of family upheaval and grief, which is expected. One of my family members turned on me, and started trying to get others on her side. That was okay.. I understood that she was acting out of her pain. But one morning she phoned another family member (who is probably the one person that I am closest to) and told that person her version of events that had been building to a head over the last couple or three days. Once again.. I know where this is coming from. But the other family member made a trip out to see me, took me aside and said "I can't believe you said/did that to (family member)! I think you're nuts!" I said "I've always been nuts. You know that." (trying to laugh it off) and she said "No, I mean genuinely certifiable. What you're doing is so crazy. Just let FM1 do what she wants.." At that point, I was almost in tears, but I managed to tell her the whole story of what FM1 wanted, which was NOT EVEN CLOSE to what she had told FM2. At that point, FM2 apologised and took back what she had said, but the hurt was in FM2 believing it in the first place, because I know that she knew (and knows) me better than that.


At 10:34 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Rainy day? I like rainy days in the fall. When its cools and the leaves are turning and falling. But you have to go out in it, because it makes coming home to a warm sofa, a cup of hot tea or coffee, a fluffy blanket and nice movie or book all the better.

Pocket-sized version of any animal? I like Punky's Panda. My cat Boo sometimes reminds me of a pocket sized teddy bear.

Inconsiderate/insensitive thing? Sorry, not in the mood to dwell on the bad stuff tonight.

Garfield or Odie? I agree with Sallyacious . . . Get Fuzzy rocks. I strongly encourage everyone to visit the website to read the last two weeks worth of so. Bucky is arguing that England isn't real. It amused me greatly.

At 1:24 AM , Blogger Graz said...

Sleep late, coffee while watching the rain out the back door, lay on the couch watching a movie or reading a book.

Pocket sized armadillo. then I'd always have a hacky-sack handy.

"I thought that you'd be happy for me.... thought we were friends"

My response? "We never really made it to the 'friend' stage. And friend don't do friends that way"

And, yes, I'm happy with it.

Garfield, but if we can pick others, I'd agree with the others on Get Fuzzy. Especially Bucky...or Sexy B as he's known to his friends.

At 6:33 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

*goes to look for Get Fuzzy*

I don't think that one's made it to the shores of NZ yet

At 8:20 AM , Blogger punky said...

The options were Garfield or Odie, children ... I know they both kind of suck, that was the point ... Get Fuzzy is in a class all by itself, my little minions ... no comparison ... now follow directions or no tequila for you, one year!!


At 8:53 AM , Blogger MrFisher said...

If it's Warm out- I like to be
out "playing" in the rain.
If it's Cold out- I like to be in bed/couch reading/playing, secrectly wishing it was warm enough to be out, "playing" in the rain. Outdoors! I love the Outdoors!

A bear of any brand. I love bears. They look so top heavy and warm n' fuzzy! I love top heavy warm n' fuzzy!

Recently, I've been told what a horrible, horrible man, father, husband I am. YES. It stung. Still does if I think about it. I'm not sure I said anything at all. I think I just shook my head while I picked up what was left of my manhood off the floor. And if I had to do over, I still don't know what I'd say that would be PC. (I mean, I know several things I'd like to have said.) Heartache! I love Heartache!!

The big fat orange lazy cat.

At 8:57 AM , Blogger MrFisher said...

Ok, I can see why BOO chose not to dwell on such negative things.

Next Questions (with Tequilla) if you please, Punky! Questions! I love Questions!

(I can't get that damn McDonLds commercial outta my head, sorry)

At 8:59 AM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

No Tequila?!?!? Um Garfield! No Odie. Yeah, Odie! No wait, Garfield?!?! What's correct? I don't want to be punished.

No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.
No tequila, no TV makes Boo a bad kitty.

At 9:11 AM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Oh look, Bucky is swiping some whiskey.

At 9:46 AM , Blogger punky said...

boo boo kitty fuck ... what is that from??? Ah! Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Odie is an idiot. And he's not even funny. At least Garfield is obnoxious and entertaining in a cynical way. Odie is just a goofy drooling googly eyed dog/rodent thing. Just sayin'

At 10:51 AM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of "No beer, no TV make Homer go crazy," a Simpson's Halloween spoof of The Shining (or the Shinning, as it were).

At 12:55 PM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

It's raining here at this very moment. Lightly and warmly. Think I'll go weed the garden. Then maybe take a walk...

Choosing to not choose is still a choice. I have chosen to step outside your Garfield/Odie box. Punish away.

At 1:03 PM , Blogger punky said...

Hmm, so you are using Rush's argument: "If you choose not to decide, You still have made a choice."

Interesting ...

OK, OK ... tequila for everyone!

At 1:07 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Damn. Punky says Rush and the first thing tha pops into my head is Limbaugh . . . then Viagra . . . then Limbaugh actually using Viagra . . . AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

My mental eye is now blind.

At 1:24 PM , Blogger punky said...

*scrubs Boo's mental eye and then slathers it with a magical salve balm potion thingie*

All better?

At 1:51 PM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

WooooooooooooT! Tequila! C'mon Boo, belly up to the bar.

At 3:14 PM , Anonymous insomniac said...

When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice.
William James

At 3:19 PM , Blogger punky said...

William James also said:

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes."

What a smartie.

At 3:31 PM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

Okay.. if I have to pick one of them..then definitely Garfield (but only the cartoon Garfield. The movie Garfield was a sentimental wuss.)

Anyone that sarcastic, fat, lazy and into Italian food is a friend of mine.

also, my confirmation word is "farft"

At 10:14 AM , Blogger Leetie said...

also, my confirmation word is "farft"

LOL! I nearly spit out my coffee, kaf!


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