Thursday, May 04, 2006

Question 44

Happy Cinco de Mayo Eve!

In honor of the happy day, let's discuss liquor!

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

Think back to the first time you got really drunk. What was the liquor/drink of choice?

What liquor/drink can you no longer consume under any circumstances?

Which liquor/drink should be banished forever from all bars?

How do you cure a hangover?


At 9:54 AM , Blogger Higgy said...

Favorite alcoholic drink - Brains SA (special Ale) - a beer brewed in Wales, and is both smooth and the equivalent of a sledgehammer to the temple.

First time I ever got schnockered - I'm ashamed to say - was on wine coolers. Not the decent kind that exist today. Noooooo. The absolutely horrible kind that they first came out with in 2-liter bottles. BLECH. Makes me want to go hurl just thinking about it.

I can no longer stomach whiskey of any kind. Just the smell and I need to hurl. Tequila is a close second, although I may be curing myself of that.

I've never had a Zima, so I hesitate to ban that from bars - although I've heard it would be a good idea. I'd ban the little umbrellas instead. Getting poked in the eye with those HURTS!

Higgy's Hangover Handling:
1. Eat something greasy and starch-arific before embarking on the booze.
2. Before passing out, chug a glass of water.
3. If, upon waking up - the hangover is present - chug another glass of water with aspirin, then go stand under a warm shower. Then re-eat some greasy starch-arific food (suggested bacon and eggs!)

Works every time.

What are your Cinco De Mayo plans? I plan on something very similar to my Cinco De Mayo Eve behavior... i.e. nothing.

At 10:03 AM , Blogger punky said...

I will be beneath a sombrero, a margarita in each hand, bar stool beneath my butt and friends all around. Yay.

2.peachtree schnappes
4.zima :)
5.diner food and lots and lots of water and sleep.

At 11:18 AM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

Favorite drink? Depends on the mood. Red wine is always good. I love tequila sunrises. And margaritas (rocks, no salt). And sangria, when made correctly. Also, good beer; bitters, reds, porters and stouts.

Unless it's a hot sunny day. Then, perhaps, it's okay to break out the Pacifico. Ice cold. With a lime. (Damn! I sound like a lush. I don't suppose now is the time to say I imbibe a glass of something with dinner maybe 5 times a month.)

First time I ever got really drunk? Sophomore year of college. Drank 1/2 a fifth of Bacardi 151. Because a friend told me I could handle it (like he'd know). It's the only time I ever blacked out and the only time I've ever drunk enough to puke. I was hungover for 3 days. I don't understand the people who think that's fun.

Can no longer drink? Bacardi in any form (see above).

The only thing I think should be banished forever from bars is smoking (and even then we should leave a few smokers' bars around for the poor souls who just can't quit).

When I was young, I'd cure a hangover with lots of water, a 2 mile run and a big breakfast. As I got older, I discovered the healing powers of Gatorade.

Now? Now I try really hard to not get drunk enough to worry about it. Though when I lived in Portland (3 years ago), there was a crew of actors I would get pounded with once a year. On retreat. You'd think we 30-somethings would know better, but No. We would all crawl around the condo/cabin like dead and dying things the next day. Until we located the Gatorade.

At 11:23 AM , Anonymous Bismuth said...

Favorite alcoholic drink - high-quality crafted beer, the kind that takes 3 years to get that special flavor and ends ub being about 10% alcohol and is so thick you can chew it. If I feel like something light, a gin and tonic.

First time drunked - I started with a 25ish-oz bottle of Unibroue (see beer as described above). It may have been a Don de Dieu. I figured that would get me nicely toasted. I was unawares of the impending 3 group shots to be had. Then I went to dinner with all of my professors.

I would not shed a tear if Tequila and Jagermeister were to disappear off of this planet. Of course, I never could consume them in the first place.

Hangover cure -- avoid going to sleep still tipsy. Lots of water before bed and any time you might wake up.

At 2:16 PM , Anonymous kingw said...

Good beer , Black Butte Porter, Full Sail Amber along those lines

The first time really drunk was Miller High Life. I was 17. We were at a drive in theater, Blazing saddles was the movie. I blacked out a little next thing I know I was lip locked with someone I did not know. We dated for a couple of months after that, because we were both easy.

Dont really have anything I can't drink. Although I did drink too much 151 once.

Budweiser. Don't understand why people waste there time with it.

Whats a hangover? Ok really.
Glass of water before bed, maybe an aspirin. Hot shower and greasy, spicy food the next morning

At 5:03 PM , Blogger Graz said...

1. Irish Car Bombs...Guinness in a nice tall glass with a half shot of Baileys and a half shot of Jamesons dropped in....good stuff, Maynard!

2. First time I got really wacked was when I was about 11, some friends of my folks had a 4th of July party featuring the home brew that my dad and his friend made. I went around sneaking drinks of the beer and ended up puking on the pizza they bought for the kids.

3. Jack Daniels. I can drink Jim Beam just fine and I'll be Mr. Happy, but when I was younger, I'd drink JD and end up bleeding in the parking lot. JD had a tendency to make me want to fight the biggest guy I could find.

4. Tequila Rose. IMHO it's like drinking Srawberry Quik with a bad aftertaste.

5. After getting nicely bent, stop at a diner that serves greasy breakfast food with lots of hot sauce....plenty of coffee and a Goody's headache powder before bed. Wake up, Gatorade and another Goody's headache powder. Eat much later. Maybe have a spicy Bloody Mary.

The cure I used when in the Marine Corps was wake up, Goody's powder, and down a beer even though it seemed to have shards of broken glass in it. After that, 3 beers with tomato juice.....all good for starting again.

harlphm - What the little known wise man, Bullus, brought to baby Jesus

At 9:11 PM , Blogger Slyeyes said...

My favorite drink also changes with my moods; usually a good wine or marguerita with Gran Marnier. Sometimes Pina Colada with Kaluha.

First time I got drunk was in college on Sangria. (geezers, remember "Maria Maria Sangria? I'd like to forget)

Can't stand Frangelica.


sleep, water, sleep, Tylenol, sleep

Why is there a little handicapped symbol on your comment section? What did I miss?

At 9:18 PM , Blogger Sarah O. said...

1. Martinis of all sorts, of course. Very efficient.

2. Champaign on New Years Eve when I was 15. My mother and I shared a bottle. Seemed pretty cool at the time but now that I look back on it, no wonder she never won Mother of the Year!

3. Southern Comfort.

4. Southern Comfort.

5. Plenty of fluids, pain killers and sleep. Oddly enough, it's been a long time since I had a hangover.

At 10:37 PM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...


Don't take Tylenol for a hangover. It's asking for liver damage.

I am bossy because I care.

At 11:38 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

1. Vodka and tonic or gin and tonic. The twist varies depending upon my mood. You can get either of them anywhere, and they are relatively hard to mess up. When it comes to beer, I prefer a nice cold Harp, although Guiness is a close second. If I am spending a hot summer afternoon outside, say at the golf course, a really cold Miller Lite or six always hit the spot. As an aside, one of my worst alcohol mistakes was taking a selection of wine coolers with me on a particularly hot August afternoon on the golf course. My thinking was that fruity-type drinks would be more refreshing. I quickly learned that fruity malt beverages are not at all refreshing. Dumped them and switch to my buddies 12 pack.

2. Junior year in high school at Scott Miklausich's house. His paents were gone for the night. I consumed an entire fifth of Canadian Mist Whiskey. It wasn't necessarily a drink of choice, more of a drink available. I then started on some Jack Daniels before throwing up and passing out. I remember Scott getting a tash can under me. The worst part was the next morning. Scott had to go pick his brother at the airport. However, I was in absolutely no condition to drive still and felt like death warmed over. I went out and sat in my car until i knew my Mom would have left for church. Made it home and puked again. Had the shakes all day. The hangover didn't even really start until Monday. Was probably on the verge of alcohol poisoning, but too dumb to know it. The irony? On that Sunday I had to prepare a creative writing assignment to be turned in Monday to my very demanding English teacher. I ended up writing one page describing a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway involving a young woman and alcohol (ala James Dean, et. al.) It was brilliant work (I can understand Edgar Alan Poe's addictions now). Moreover, it was absolutely grammatically correct, garnering me the only perfect 100 in the class. Plus, it was published in the high school yearbook. Long story shot, if i really concentrated more on my drinking, I'd probably be Stephen F@%^@#g King.

You don't even want to know about my 21st birthday.

3. Per number two, whiskey is still very rough. And always gets me into trouble. For instance, while in Japan, I went to a picate party at a bar. I took the whole bottle of Jack Daniels fom the bartender (seriously, what's a little Japanese batender going to say to me, "No?") Got sloppy drunk. The hardship was that the next morning I was expeced to check out of my hotel and board a nine hour flight to Australia. Ugh.

Also, I cannot consume any licorice flavored liquors, although I can tolerate them in certain mixed drinks.

4. The Zima ban sounds good. And I absolutely do not get apple martinis.

5. Several aspirin and as many glasses of water prior to bed/passing out. Sleep until at least 11:00 a.m. the next morning, then head for McDonalds to get a Quarter Pounder Value Meal, the only thing for which McD's food is good.

At 11:09 AM , Anonymous insomniac said...

sly. - i think the handicapped thingy will read out the password so you can type it in.

well, i clicked on it, and a voice read out some numbers, but i still think that's what you'd type in...

At 12:54 PM , Blogger Mad Scientist said...

Favorite: Whiskey or burboun. Good stuff I can't afford often. So usually there is some wild turkey or southern comfort in my pantry. (yes southern comfort in their now).

First time: Not sure this was the first time drinking, but first really bad result. Pina coladas and daquari's made with 151 at a hurricane party during college. Good thing classes were cancelled. I also remember one time (rum again I think) when I had to go diving the next moring in the keys. I managed to drive to my friends house and then begged her to drive my car. I puked all down the side of my brand new car all the way down the keys. Luckily for me there was a crash on the two lane road and we were too late to get on the dive boat. I can't imagine being sick in my regulator.

I haven't had any rum in a long time I wonder why. I don't like any of the licorice flavored stuff. Bleh. But I can tolerate it.

This is America bars should serve whatever they want.

Hangover: avoid getting them. I tend to try to eat breads and starchy foods to offset the alcohol and drink lots of water.

Zima note: We use to drop Jolly ranchers in zima and drink them in high school. Wow I don't think I could stand to do that today.

At 5:03 PM , Blogger MrFisher said...

crap i just ran out of time.........

have a good weekend Punky!!

(and everybody else too!!)

At 8:54 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

before reading other responses...

1. bloody mary (or any fruit juice n vodka combo, really..)

2. college-type party. Beer and more beer.

3. Beer. Research shows I'm from a family of wine-drinkers.

4. none.. there's always someone who likes something behind the barm even if I can't stand it. Why should they miss out?

At 8:55 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

*withdraws "m" from previous post*

At 9:00 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

okay.. also missed the kill or cure thing..

1. don't drink that much.
2. greasy food
3. Spicy something.

so basically, what everyone else said.

At 10:10 AM , Blogger Leetie said...

1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale followed close by a Cuervo margarita (homemade).

2. I think it was Budweiser. Or maybe gin? Crap, I dunno! Let's say Bud.

3. Blackberry brandy (*HURL*), unless it's well-hidden in a mixed drink.

4. Goldschlager

5. A sofa, the remote control, a lot of water and greasy food, and no kid for the day.

At 2:40 AM , Anonymous Blogchik said...

1. Chocolate martinis. You get nicely schnookered fast and they taste good. It's booze! It's chocolate! hooray!

I also like Charles Masson's Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Liqueur, which I can only seem to find at the Virginia ABC store for some reason. But I could drink a lot of that stuff. It's whisky based, I believe.

2. First time I got drunk was at an overnight trip for Stand Up for Kids, a nonprofit group I was helping out with. I was in my late 20s- 28, I think. I think I drank chocolate martinis.

First time I got drunk enough to be hung over, I believe I was 29. It was my best friend's sister's bachelorette party. I had chocolate martinis, margaritas, and some random shooters.

I was at my drunkest last year, in St. Petersburg, Russia, with my friend from Australia. We were at an American bar. I drank White Russians, I don't remember how many. I wrote my mom a drunk email afterward. My friend walked me home, all the way to my door, saw me to bed (because she was nice). I threw up the next day (Sunday) due to injudicious eating of chocolate, and felt hung over the day after (Monday) as well.

3. I can't have more than one White Russian any more. I can, surprisingly, still drink it though.

4. Peach schnapps is nasty.

5. Water. Lots of water. Drink as much water as you can before going to bed, since you are dehydrated. And pop an advil or aspirin to avert headache, if you've drunk enough to worry about this...

At 9:23 AM , Anonymous djtonyb said...

1 Stolichnaya Ohranj and Soda

2 Black Russians

3 Mudslides

4 All DeKuyper "Schnapps" that are actually flavored sugar syrup.

5 Ride it out, and when it gets too bad, perhaps some hair of the dog.

At 12:01 PM , Blogger Tamara said...

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Mojito!!

Think back to the first time you got really drunk. What was the liquor/drink of choice? This has not happened yet.

What liquor/drink can you no longer consume under any circumstances? Cannot stand the sight, smell, or taste of Tequila. At all. Ever. Oh my gawd, next subject.

Which liquor/drink should be banished forever from all bars? I think "light" beers are hilarious, but I have learned they have their place.

How do you cure a hangover? This has not happened yet.

0 ;^)


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