Thursday, May 18, 2006


With whom would you rather be trapped inside an elevator: Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe? (assuming they were both still alive and in their prime)

If you could pick one memory from your life, where you felt you didn't handle the situation the way you would have preferred, and do it again with all the knowledge and experience that you currently have, which situation would you choose and how would you change it?

Please rank the following locations for sexual relations in order of preference:
- Shower
- Back seat of car
- Bed
- Playground Swing
- Trampoline
- Bingo Hall
- Chandelier
- Canoe
- Dining Room Table


At 4:20 PM , Blogger Tamara said...

HECK, no time to answer now. But I'll be BACK! With BELLS ON! ;)

At 5:21 PM , Anonymous insomniac said...

'with bells on' was that one of the options?

At 5:22 PM , Blogger Graz said...

Betty Page. She seemed to have a bit more in the inteeligence department than MM.

Wow. There are so many of those moments in my past that it's hard to pick one.....actually, there was one last night, but that's a story for another day.

If I were pinned down to rectifying just one, I would have to pick the way that I handled things when and directly after my ex-wife moved out. If done over again, I wouldn't allow her to have taken so many things and so much money for so long after she left.

But then again, I don't think that I'd ever want to feel the emotions that I felt during that time again....not for all the money in the world.

Lets see.....

1. Trampoline...lotsa room to explore....and the springiness could be helpfull for an extended session.
2. Dining Room Table...but first removing the table cloth.
3. Shower...especially with the right types of soap.
4. Bed
5. Playground swing...many scenarios on this one.
6. Bingo Hall....but only if Mildred and Ethel put away their bingo ink daubers first.
7. Canoe...but depending on the locale, the requisite bug spray would literally leave a bad taste in my mouth.
8.'s this low on my list only because I know how to utilize it for foreplay...but it could move up the list if I had a proper period of instuction with a patient teacher.
8. Back seat of car....used this too much in school.....great place to start, but not a place to be able to fully give things the attention that they need.

Unless they car has those back seats that fold down....then it's on.

At 5:42 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

A. Am i supposed to do anything with Bettie or Marilyn or is it just going to be one ot those awkward silence type moments? If pressed without further information, I suppose I would choose Marilyn.

II. The situation I'd rectify? Hmm, has someone been watching Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movies again? I think there are too many. From the mundane and trivial to one or two significant events. But the thing is, I'm not so bad off right now, so none of them seem to have changed me too dramatically.

3. Bed (yeah, I'm noring that way)

Canoe (what, I like to canoe. And if the canoe's a rocking, well we're probably going to end up wet).

Back seat of car (an American classic. Guess I'm also a bit of a traditionalist)

Dining Room Table (um, done it)

Trampoline (bouncy)

Playground Swing (kinda inconvenient, but the taboo element appeals)

Shower (if water is involved, prefer the pool or beach. oncer you're started in the shower, there's just no where to go without getting things messy)

Chandelier (never tried)

Bingo Hall (never been in a Bingo Hall. But if my image of an Elk's Lodge or Catholic Church fellowship hall is correct, not a very sexy place to inspire lustful feelings)

At 6:58 PM , Anonymous Bismuth said...

My youthful ignorance requires that I admit not knowing very much about either of these ladies, so I'll go with both. At the same time. Giggity.

In 2nd grade, I played a joke on a classmate by turning the light out in the bathroom and shutting the door (it was windowless. Then, being nice, I opened the door to turn the light back on (the switch was in the bathroom) to find he had already found the switch and was just about to start peeing. Looking back, I definitely would not have made the comparison to a dehydrated caterpillar out loud.

Please rank the following locations for sexual relations in order of preference:


7 Shower
6 Back seat of car
3 Bed
8 Playground Swing
2 Trampoline
9 Bingo Hall
1 Chandelier
5 Canoe
4 Dining Room Table

At 7:09 PM , Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Probably Bettie Page. I wasn't really aware of her when I was younger but she seems to have been a very interesting person. Marilyn was pretty sad.

Situational do-over? Probably all of high school. 'nuff said.

1. shower - water is a definite turn-on
2. bed - what's wrong with a bed?
3. dining room table - I once read a book where... never mind, but I always wanted to try that
4. playground swing
5. back seat of (BIG) car
6. bingo hall
7. trampoline
8. chandelier
9. canoe (too small)

At 8:50 PM , Anonymous kingw said...

Bettie Page please for selfish reasons. For even more selfish reasons Marilyn might have been fun to talk to, maybe help her with her issues.

After I came back from Japan for three months, I broke up with a girlfriend by not calling her. I was 33 I should have behaved better.

Bed, comfort factor
Playground swing, outdoors, chance of getting caught
Canoe outdoors
Shower good clean fun
trampoline I'm on top, she's on top etc.
Dining Room table whole new meaning to stuffing the turkey
Back seat of car Fond memories of my Pinto with the fold down seat
Bingo hall, A little worried about shouting bongo with unfortunate timing
Chandelier no, trapeze maybe.

What about elevator, did that
What about on a tugboat during tugboat race, wife claims that one

Ther is a question for you Punky. Where is the strangest place you ever did the nasty.

At 9:54 PM , Blogger punky said...

1. Marilyn Monroe ... just to ask her some questions. But Bettie Page is *way* hotter.

2. I would go back to 7th grade when my supposed best friend stole my diary and read it on the school bus. Instead of sitting there and not knowing what to do (which is what I did) I'd walk to the back of the bus, and grab my diary back even if it meant kicking a little ass. And my runner up moment was at dinner with the ex and his best friend. I would have stood up for myself and told his friend to fuck off - since my boyfriend was too much of an ass to stick up for me. As the cigarette commercial says "I've come a long way baby".

a. dining Room table - fun! I suggest removing the silverware first though!
b. shower - wet! and fun!
c. canoe - outdoors - stars - good!
d. trampoline - bouncy fun
e. swing - remember the "spider"?
f. bed - comfort. warmth. Ahh.
g. chandelier - crazy! possibility of breaking something though.
h. back seat - nostalgia - although I have never had sex in a car. Honest. I've done other things in a car, but never actually had sex.
i. bingo hall - too much echo and risk of paper cuts.

king - it has been so long since I have had sex, I'm not sure I can recall. But if my kinky score was any indication, it must have been good. :)

At 11:42 PM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

without looking at the other answers..

No idea who Bettie Page is, so her. I find MM too annoying.

Any or every time that I was hurt or insulted (I was a complete social retard in school, so I didn't get beaten up much, but I did get a picked on a fair bit.) that I didn't stand up for myself, because I didn't think it mattered if they said it about me, as long as they weren't huting someone that I loved. I want to go back and tell me that I should be someone that I love, and that I'm worth far more than the crap I was putting up with. I'd love to be able to give my younger self the self-esteem that I have now. Having said that, I don't think I'd be the person I am now if I wasn't shaped by the experiences of my life, so maybe I'd leave that, and tell my younger self to make the effort to make friends with the kids who seemed to have nobody. I always felt for them, but never had the courage to approach them. So yes, definitely the second one.

In no particular order 1, 3, 5, 9. Possibly 6, if everyone had gone home for the night. 2, 4, 7 & 8 - forget about it. Particularly 7.. didn't anyone watch "War Of The Roses"?

At 8:14 AM , Blogger Tamara said...

1) Marilyn! As seen in "How to Marry a Millionaire"! Adorable and HAWT!

2) I have only one major regret, and I'm not sayin' it.

- Car (SUV)
- Canoe (if the canoe is a-rockin'...)
- Swing (kinky!)
- Trampoline (how about just "outdoors anywhere"?)
- Table (but I need a sturdier one)
- Chandelier (um, but I'm envisioning a UFO-sized lighting fixture in a gigantic ballroom)
- Bingo Hall (OH! OH! BINGO!)
- Bed (a classic never dies)
- Shower (I always worry about things like mascara running, but, come to think of it, my makeup always ends up rubbed off anyway)


At 11:08 AM , Blogger Higgy said...


When I broke up with my girlfriend in college, I said some nasty things to her in response to some of her verbal abuse. I would change that by simply walking away and keeping my dignity.

Let's see...

Dining Room Table
Back seat of car
Playground swing
Bingo Hall (guess I'm not much one for voyeurism)

At 11:21 AM , Blogger Higgy said...

Well crap, my first set of answers got wiped out by the robot...

1. Marilyn - besides the naughty obvious, then the opportunity to dig into exactly what and who she HAD done.

2. I'd have simply walked away from my breakup with my college girlfriend instead of standing there screaming obscenities at each other. Would have been nice to have kept some dignity.

Bed (traditionalist in me)
Shower (always fun to start there)
Dining Room Table (at midnight with a thunderstorm outside)
Trampoline (hmmm, the next door neighbors actually have one....hmmmm)
Playground Swing (embarrassed to say I've actually done this one)
Car (this actually qualifies as my strangest place - I was driving 55 mph at the time. And yes, I mean the Whole Magilla)
Chandelier (only because the other two are worse)
Bingo Hall (whatever floats your boat - doesn't it make you wonder where Punky came up with this list from???)
Canoe - (I'm 6'3 and I've never seen a canoe that would comfortably fit me...)

At 11:22 AM , Blogger Higgy said...


At 11:34 AM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

Bettie Page - She seems like a hoot.

I made a decision long ago to commit no sins of omission. Of course, one must take other people's feelings/interests/responses into account. Which is why there are 2 men I wanted to sleep with but never did. I don't want to now, happy where I am, thanks, but if I'd had those moments to do over, I would have made choices that ended us up in bed.

9 Bingo Hall
8 Chandelier (Afraid I'd fall off.)
7 Canoe
6 Back seat of car
5 Trampoline
4 Bed
3 Shower
2 Dining Room Table (I'm assuming my dining room table, and not, say, a tabele in the Dining Room at some swank resort.)
1 Playground Swing

At 1:35 PM , Blogger punky said...

I see your SONOFA and I raise you SNCRFR!

At 5:40 PM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

Higgy.. you elaborated a little (and the shower jumped a couple of spots) in your second post. Maybe you should double-post more often..

At 11:36 PM , Blogger Higgy said...

Yeah, I kinda thought it over inbetween posts (cue the bwang-schwacket music) and decided that it should move up in the ratings...


At 9:16 AM , Blogger Sarah O. said...

1. I've been stuck in an elevator somewhere between the 55th and 68th floors of a building I once worked in. Therefore, I would choose whoever would be more relaxed to counter my panic. I suspect that Bettie Page would turn the whole thing into a game. But Marilyn would probably have some good pills.

2. Egad, that's too hard. I'm going on to the fun sex question.

3. Bed, dining room table, shower, canoe, playground swing, back seat of car (I too have never done it in a car. Seems uncomfortable.), bingo hall, trampoline, chandelier.

Actually, I'm so vanilla that I'd probably never opt for any of the last 3 on my list.


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