Monday, March 06, 2006

Question 25

What 10 things do you wish to accomplish in the time you have remaining on this precious earth?

What are the 5 things for which you are most grateful in your wonderful life?


At 12:25 PM , Blogger Tamara said...

Oi jeez. Hard questions!

10 Things I Wish to Accomplish:
- I wanna live to 120--125 if I'm feeling ornery enough.
- I wanna see my cheerful, healthy baby-girl grow up into a happy, healthy, productive woman.
- I wanna publish something.
- I wanna be able ta play an instrument.
- I wanna run a mile without panting. Then two miles. Then five. Five miles without panting.
- I want to find inner peace.
- I want the jobs I take to keep getting better and better.
- I want to have a big family, even if it is mainly comprised of friends.
- I want to prevent turmoil from entering Munchkin's life.
- I want to travel overseas.

Five Things for Which I Am Grateful:
- People: Munchkin!, Punky, Dave Barry, old friends, newer friends
- Hope
- Pay checks
- Living in a low-crime area
- Sunshine, clear skies, springtime!

Five MORE Things for Which I Am Grateful:
- curse words
- homemade chicken noodle soup
- email
- reliable transportation
- the fire in the office which gave us all the day off today so we could play in the sunshine! (sigh, not really)

At 5:21 PM , Blogger Higgy said...

10 things to accomplish:
1. Dance at my children(s) weddings.
2. Play with all my grandkids (one day.)
3. Enjoy a long and healthy retirement.
4. Cruise the seven seas (one at a time)
5. Revisit all of the homes I've ever lived in.
6. Hire someone to track down all of the members of my class of 1981 in Malaysia. Organize a reunion with those members.
7. Pay off my house.
8. Live on the shore of a large body of water.
9. Lose and keep off enough weight so my BMI doesn't think I'm obese anymore.
10. Learn to play the piano.

5 things I'm grateful for:
1. My lovely wife.
2. Our uber-cute son.
3. My no-commute, work-at-home, flex-time job.
4. My family, including my in-laws. All great people.
5. The gift of laughter!

At 5:58 PM , Anonymous kingw said...

Tamara I would like to run 5 miles without pants also.

At 7:11 PM , Blogger Mad Scientist said...

10 things:
1) Get married to Weasel (only 145 more days to go)
2) Have several little weasels.
3) watch the little weasels grow up and have happy, healthy lives
4) grow old and sit on a rocker on a big porch in the south sipping sweet tea all day. Weasel would be in the rocker next to mine
5) Cure AIDS or at least put a real dent in the number of new infections
6) Get out of debt (house, car, etc)
7) See a game at every major league baseball stadium in the US
8) Go on a cruise
9) Go diving on the great barrier reef and Cook Islands
10) meet every DB bloglit/moatie in person.

Things I am thankful for:
1) Weasel
2) My family (dad and sister)
3) My health
4) My education/job
5) Friends

At 7:20 PM , Blogger punky said...

While still on this precious earth:
1. Fall in love with a good, kind, loving man and have him fall in love with me.
2. Marry a good, kind, beautiful and loving man.
3. Have or adopt a child(ren).
4. Kayak in Alaska and see the Northern Lights.
5. Own a secluded beach house on the coast of Maine.
6. Sail around the world.
7. Live to be 100 as an active, healthy, happy and radiant woman.
8. Donate large sums of money to worthy causes.
9. Visit Australia for an extended period of time.
10. Live every day of my life with an endless abundance of joy, gratitude and wonder.

5 things for which I am grateful:
1. My friends
2. My health
3. My wisdom
4. My endless desire to learn
5. My wonderful life

At 1:54 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

I did this backwards at first.. I had ten things I was grateful for, but I've refined and combined.. so here are my lists..
10 things I want to accomplish before I die (in no particular order)
1. Meet and marry an amazing man
2. Have a child/children with Mr Amazing
3. Grow old (and obscenely wealthy) together
4. Meet all of my online friends in person.. use some of my obscene wealth to host a massive party to which they're all invited, on a mega-yacht in an undisclosed (open water, so no legal jurisdiction!) location.
5. Use the yacht (either before or after, possibly both) to cruise the Mediterranean
6. Explore Greece and Italy.. the non-tourist versions... just walking everywhere and marvelling at the history and beauty of the countries.
7. Learn to play alto sax
8. Write children's books (this one is probably the one that I have the most chance of achieving, presuming I can get over my personal insecurities long enough and believe that I can do it.)
9. Study something at university level (I have several things I'd like to study, but it would be a huge change of life and lifestyle...).
10. Learn to be a better friend and listener.

okay... 5 things for which I will always be grateful...
1. God. Big G type God in Heaven. I believe in Him. I think I'd be poorer for not knowing and experiencing His love.
2. The ability to read (and parents who gave me a love of reading). Losing yourself in the (fictional) lives and worlds of others is a joy. Finding knowledge in non-fiction is a constant discovery and building process, and yet another form of joy.
3. The Internet... because otherwise you fine folks would probably never have had the joy of knowing me... ummm... I mean, without it, my life would probably never have intersected with some of the funniest, most interesting and intelligent people I've ever known (Yes, I mean you!). My friends, you are a joy and a privilege to know, and I'm so profoundly grateful that I've been let into your lives.
4. Chocolate. Except white chocolate, which isn't really chocolate, because it has no cocoa mass. Please don't get me started.. just give me chocolate... and its sidekick Cooooofffffffeeeeeeee. Coffee for Kaffee. Mmmmmmm, coffeeeeee *insert Homeresque drool here* Let's just say Caffeine for #4, 'kay?
5. Water.. not the stuff you drink or bathe in, (although that's handy, too!), but rivers, streams, beaches, fjords, glaciers, waterfalls... natural water. There's something about the sound and feel of water that soothes my soul like nothing else can. Whether it's loud and roaring, a small trickle.. waves crashing on the shore, the gentle lap of water flowing past... it speaks to me.

TMI? I thought so, too.

At 1:56 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

oh.. and 11. Stop posting novellas on other people's blogs.

At 7:56 AM , Blogger punky said...

TMI does not exist in my world nor on my blog. Post on, precious souls! :)

p.s. water rocks my world too, Kaf.

At 9:10 AM , Anonymous kingw said...

10 things to accomplish
10) Get obedience title on my dogs.
9) Figure out just what the h*ll my job is.
8) Get my honey do list to less than 10 items.
7) Smell the roses.
6) Go visit Dad.
5) Go to England again.
4) Enjoy the cruise to Alaska in May.
3) Play more golf.
2) Have a better garden this year.
1) Keep my wife happy.

Grateful for
1) Loving wife
2) My beagles
3) All of my good fortune.
4) Beer
5) Pretty girls

At 11:01 PM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

1) Teach someone else everything I know about acting.
2) Publish a novel.
3) Finish my landscaping
4) Remodel the bathroom
5) Be an important part of some young person's life
6) Lose 20 lbs
7) Do at least 2 more seasons of nothing but Shakespeare.
8) Watch my husband win a Tony
9) Finish the play I'm working on
10) live by the ocean

1) My wonderful, wonderful husband
2) My sweet beasties
3) My family, both immediate and extended (including family by choice but not blood).
4) My imagination
5) Having a roof over my head and enough money that I don't have to worry about choosing between rent and food.

At 7:33 AM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

I'll take Punky's lists. Except for the marriage part. We can just live together, adopt, etc. Most states aren't to keen on it anyway. Well, that and the being a 100 year old woman part. The long life is okay. So I guess to Punky's remaining items I'll add something about completing a novel, screen play, oh hell, even a really good, publishable short story.

At 10:20 AM , Blogger MrFisher said...

1) learn to fly - pilot (small personal aircraft)
2) Travel by motorcyle and then by boat - Anywhere and Everywhere
3) Learn Porteguese ;)
4) Donate large sums of something that I don't have, to people who need it the most.
5) learn to play the bass, guitar, drums, piano, oboe and kuzoo.
6) Publish something.
7) sell a piece of artwork
8) go back to school and earn a degree. (I'm a dropout, woo, big surprise!)
9) Invent a cure for turning water into wine
10) be the father I never had

1) soulmate
2) kiddos
3) the sound of music
4) pickles and hot pork rinds
5) an empty canvas


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