Tuesday, November 11, 2008

doesn't mean that much to me, to mean that much to you

It's occurred to me that the things that seem a big deal in my life might not actually be all that big a deal. It's all a matter of perspective. When things are easy, steady and calm, the smallest blip in the landscape can seem ... well ... huge.

I've obsessed over some things, not because they were worthy of my constant attention, but because there was nothing else vying for it.

A part of me truly longs to be doing something every day that requires a degree of risk, my full attention and that I remain fully present. There is great satisfaction from working hard to accomplish something meaningful and kicking off your shoes at the end of the day, satisfied with a job well done and resting your head on the pillow knowing you have done something useful.

I need that. I want that. Adventure. Inspiration. Intensity. Commitment. And challenges that put the petty, unimportant and silly stuff back into perspective. I want the things that don't matter not to matter.

I believe the best way to care less about something is to care more about something else.

I'm ready for the "something else".


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