Tuesday, October 14, 2008

still waters run deep

I received this today in an email from "what's up on planet earth". It could not have hit any closer to home ...

"If you are one who has recently let go of connections to the old, you may now be finding yourself in a space of self-exploration, perhaps considering a geographical move, and wondering what your new role might be. Being still, exploring new options and passions, re-connecting to what it is that you really and truly have always wanted, and allowing things to unfold oh so naturally are your keys."


At 12:27 PM , Anonymous the om traveler said...

Take your camera to the:

Japanese Garden, Portland
611 SW Kingston Ave (off of 405 & 26)
(503) 223-1321
Washington Park/Northwest Washington County
- Japanese garden has waterfalls and koi-filled ponds.
Kiku Matsuri, The Chrysanthemum Festival starts Sat.

Portland Rose Gardens
400 SW Kingston Ave - Down the road
and Washington Park is nearby!

Check out the Sunrise over Portland Oregon with Mt. Hood on the horizon, from Pittock Mansion.
3229 NW Pittock Drive, Portland next to Macleay Park


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