Monday, February 04, 2008

e-trading baby burp up

So! Super Bowl water cooler chat.

What did you think of the game?

Favorite commercial?

Where did you watch it?

Did you eat your body weight in snacky snacks?

Are you feeling it today?

Are you happy with who won?

Did you actually know the Super Bowl was on last night?

Did you watch the Puppy Bowl?

Talk to me ...


At 8:03 AM , Blogger Leetie said...

1. One of the most exciting games ever. The sacking of Tom Brady was satisfying. ;)

2. E-Trade baby! (the clown one)

3. My den

4. No snacks! But we did have some juicy pork/beef/cheddar burgers for dinner.

5. Nupe.

6. YEA!

7 & 8. N/A

At 10:31 AM , Blogger Lee said...

There was a game? Oh yeah, I heard about that.

Pigeons (I saw it online). The one with the balloons was sweet.

I was watching a movie adapted from a Jane Austen novel. But it wasn't Pride and Prejudice.

No snacks.


Since my friend who is a Giant's fan (with season tickets) brings me back pignolis and brisket when she goes to NJ, I think I was pulling for the Giants.


Puppy Bowl is too doggist for me and entirely anticattist.

At 1:27 PM , Anonymous insomniac said...

as a miami dolphin fan who remembers the 1972 season, i couldn't be happier about the outcome...

At 3:28 PM , Blogger Higgy said...

Great game.

The Pepsi Max with everyone dozing off.

At home, with my inlaws over.

Not quite, but I wasn't on my diet.

I did, a little bit

No - I would have liked to STOP hearing about the bloody 1972 dolphins...


Actually, I watched about 2 minutes of it well before the game!


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