Saturday, November 11, 2006

You Beta, You Beta, You bet.

OK, so I switched over to the beta version of blogger and the beta gods would not let me post a new question. I tried some highly technical adjustments, mainly logging out and logging back in, and now I seem to be back on track.


OK, onto the questions.

Part 1
Do you believe any of the following exist:
Loch Ness Monster?
Non-corrupt politicians?
Good natured Chihuahuas?

Part 2
What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving time? Do you make something for which you are well known? What is your favorite dessert?

Part 3
Will it be a White Christmas?



At 3:41 PM , Anonymous Bismuth said...

Part eins:
-No Nessie
-No Werewolves
-Maybe a couple of non-despicable politicians
-Never actually met a chihuahua, so I didn't know they were supposed to be bad-natured

Part Deux
-Stuffing! Stuffing and more sutffing! Even if it's the crappy stuff from a box!
-I like to think my Kung Pao has always been very well-received. I don't really cook much for other poeple though (besides the wife)
-Dream bars! (I don't know what else they might be called)

Part Tres

At 4:27 PM , Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

1. no, no, yes (on a local level), don't have a clue.

2. I'm with Bis here - give me stuffing and you can skip the rest, especially cold leftover stuffing the next day.
Dessert - chocolate cream (or pudding) pie

3. I really hope not.

At 5:17 PM , Blogger ASK, the Clearly Deranged said...

1. Yes, Yes, No, No
2. Gotta go with stuffing. Deviled eggs is all they trust me to make. Mississppi Mud.
3. Not in Dallas.

At 12:19 AM , Anonymous Sallyacious said...

1. No (sadly)
No (thank goodness)
No (occupational hazard)
Yes (Met one)

2. Cranberry sauce
Apple pie

3. I don't know about Christmas, but NOAA's forecasting 100% chance of snow here tomorrow night (Sunday).

At 10:04 PM , Blogger Higgy said...

I'm afraid to switch to the beta - let me know how it works out for you!

Part 1.
Nessie - I think there might have been something there once, but I don't think it's there now.
Werewolves - nope.
NCPs - yes, but few and far between.
GNC - not that I've met yet.

Part the Seconde.
Turkey breast - I'm a white-meat type of guy.

I don't make anything at Thanksgiving that I'm known for. I make Pete's-Really-Not-Well-Known Chicken during the rest of the year...

Favorite dessert - depends on my mood - it used to be a good cheesecake, now it's unknown. I think I've been on Atkins too long!

Part three and a bit.
Not around here it won't be! We're off to my Dad's for the holidays - but I doubt it will be there either!

At 2:05 AM , Blogger Kafaleni said...

Part Tahi
1. possible
2. possible, but I hope not.
3. Not if you elect them.
4. Yes, our neighbour had one when I was a little girl. Admittedly he was almost dead and taking heart medication, but he was a sweet dog.

Part Rua
No Thanksgiving here.
Several things, but my current favourite is Passionfruit Panacotta.. simple, quicker than you think and oh, so yummy!
Either the panacotta or fudge pudding or fresh fruit salad.

Part Toru
Not in these parts. Yes in Russia.

At 7:16 AM , Anonymous maille said...

part uno...

loch ness monster - possibly....
werewolves - no
non-corrupt politicians - not POSSIBLE!
good natured chihuahuas - possibly.

part two...

mashed potatos - hell ya - i'm irish! well at my turkey potluck - i make the turkey - lastyear was my first turkey making - it was soo much fun! favorite dessert for thanksgiving - probably vanilla bean ice cream that you are supposed to have on top of apple pie - i don't eat pies!

part 3....

doubt it seeing as it is nov 13th - and IT IS 60 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!!!

At 9:37 AM , Blogger Leetie said...

1. Nessie: sure.
Werewolves: No
NCPs: Few
GNCs: Yes, the "scared" ones. ;)
2. My stuffing
My stuffing (mom's recipe)
Apple pie, pumpkin.

3. No.

Where's Boo???

At 11:37 AM , Blogger punky said...

Yes, where is Boo. I haven't heard from him in a while :(


Come out and play, Boo.

At 6:59 PM , Anonymous eleanor said...

1. Yes to Loch Ness monster, no to everything else.
2. Stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy on both.
3. My tacos and homemade salsa are world famous. :)
4. not in

p.s. why do none of the new beta blogs not remember my name when I type "E"?

At 11:56 PM , Anonymous boo augustus said...

Part 1
Loch Ness Monster: Yes
Werewolves: No
Non-corrupt politicians: No
Good natured Chihuahuas: No

Part 2
Favorite Thanksgiving dish: Mom's sweet potato casserole with the brown-sugar/pecan topping
My dish: Corn Casserole
Favorite dessert: At Thanksgiving, my Mom makes a spice cake mix using just a can of pumpkin and a half a can of water. It's yummy.

Part 3
White Christmas? Probably not. And the white wedding is definitely out of the question.


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